Dating for animal lovers

Tell your date what you are doing – he or she may think you are a master of animal behavior and like you all the more!

A little preparation will go a long way towards establishing a good relationship with your date’s dog or cat.


Give him his space, ignore his presence and let him come to you.

While it’s good he seems happy to meet you, try not to reinforce the bad behavior.

Turn away and don’t pay attention to him until he has all four paws on the floor.

You will receive a predetermined set of questions you can ask the other participants and 1 fill in question of your choice..

This event will be total per dog & owner and includes a dog treat/Canine Cock Tails, and a Burger/Chips & Soda during the event. Our team is friendly and savvy, with the experience to back up our moxie. Compilation dvds ranging from 120 till 480 minutes, filled with the hottest animal scenes of the universe.Bobi, whose back legs are paralysed, arrived in Britain on December 21 with the permission of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Dating Lovers Animal We are professional technologists, writers, designers, instructors, and artists passionate about learning solutions. Speed Dating Park Cafe Cyber Patrol, , Cyber Sitter.


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