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Point out that mixed-race kids who are raised in loving homes and allowed to embrace all sides of their heritage don’t fare any worse than other children.Let them know that interracial couples such as Moses and his Ethiopian wife even appear in the Bible.Without advance notice, your mother might grow visibly flustered, or your best friends might ask if they can speak to you in the next room to grill you about your relationship.Are you prepared to have these kinds of awkward encounters?Perhaps they pretend as if your significant other doesn’t exist or go out of their way to make your mate uncomfortable.If you’re experiencing any of these scenarios, it’s time to set some boundaries with your meddling loved ones.And how will you react if your partner's feelings are hurt because of your loved ones’ behavior?To avoid drama and pain, tell your loved ones about your interracial relationship in advance.




Furthermore, it’s hurtful for them to disrespect someone you care about, especially if they’re only doing so because of race.Let them know that you’re an adult capable of choosing an appropriate mate.


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