Customs of dating around the world

She said the UK was “making good progress towards that goal and we will carry on doing so with resolution in the months ahead”.

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Norway has its own particular version of the towering layered Western wedding cake, in the form of a kransekake, a tower of iced almond cake rings.

Former home secretary Amber Rudd, who resigned last week over the Windrush scandal, immediately tweeted her support of Mr Clark’s plans.

Thousands of jobs could be put at risk if Theresa May’s plans for a “customs partnership” with the EU are scrapped, business secretary Greg Clark has suggested.

Mr Clark, one of the most pro-Remain members of the cabinet, laid bare the party’s deep divisions on the issue as he made the case for the prime minister’s preferred post-Brexit customs plan.

They come through every hour of the day and night ... Now that is crucial.” Ms May’s customs plans will help firms as it would mean you can import parts without border checks or paperwork, he said.

Mr Clark added: “But it’s not perfect, because what it means is that if we have imports from other countries where we’ve abolished the tariff, there has to be an arrangement where you pay back.” He also opened the door to extending a transition period on customs with the EU, saying it could be a case of implementing a new customs arrangement “as soon as you can do” rather than 2020 when the transition would expire.

He told ITV’s : “This Project Fear has been so thoroughly discredited that you would have thought it would have come to an end by now. The delays on goods coming into Southampton are tiny.


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