Consolidating debt without reuning your credit

Missed payments are terrible for your credit scores.A single missed payment will cost you roughly 60 to 100 points -- and you'll need to miss several for debt settlement to be an option.

Even if you pay off the settlement in one lump sum, don't expect your credit card provider to simply report the account as “paid” to the credit bureaus.

Federal law requires creditors to report any write-offs that exceed 0 to the Internal Revenue Service.

You'll get a MISC 1099 form for the unpaid balance, which has to be counted as income on your taxes.

If you can't handle your growing credit card debt, ask your credit card provider for a lower interest rate.


A lower interest rate means your debt accrues at a slow rate that should help you pay it off faster.That negative mark will stay on your credit history for seven years.


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