Can radiocarbon dating be used on bones

The Babylonians and Assyrians were, as far as we know, the first to describe an animal known as gammalu.

(A similar word, gâmâl, is used in the Bible.) This refers to the dromedary, which was originally called dromas, 'swift runner', by the Greeks.

They saw the first representatives of this species in the sixth century, when the Persian king Cyrus the Great conquered Lydia (western Turkey).

However, the Greeks also accepted the loan word kamêlos.


After all, one does not need tame camels to use their dung, bones, or wool.The use of dromedaries in the second millennium BCE by nomadic tribes, as implied in the Biblical book Genesis, is almost certainly unhistorical and shows that Genesis was composed at a later age.It is possible that the modern distinction between "slave dromedaries" (i.e., carriers) and race dromedaries was already made in Antiquity.Few animals are more useful to mankind than the camel and the dromedary.

They have an unrivaled capacity to endure long periods without water (up to four or five days), and can carry very heavy loads.Dromedaries live in herds, consisting of one male and several female animals.


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