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I probably won't be coming back to Japan in the near future and even if I did, I don't think a relationship would work.I think you're a very nice person and want you to be happy. )"良くない" does mean "not good" but, in this context, could come off badly.In fact, I would not be surprised if, upon continuing the friendship, she started guilt tripping you about any number of things. It's not fair to her if she believes there's a chance. This wasn't so much an issue for me in school, but when I was working there, it was very difficult for me to do a lot of my work because of that issue.So I hope your letter trying to break it off goes well. If you get any Japanese in reply, feel free to share! They're really big on being polite in Japan, in fact in my experience, Japanese people really aren't blunt at all, most Japanese people I've met were super polite and obsessive about etiquette, even afraid of being contrary to other's (your) point of view at times.Obviously, being anything but blunt worked wonders for OP before. Getting romantically/sexually involved is a risk of heartbreak. Not that it's a bad thing, me coming from a culture where people are very, very blunt and where being polite really isn't a thing, I absolutely loved it.

I saw her at the cafe a few more times and we went to dinner/had sex once more before I left.

It even happens frequently with people who've been in relationships for quite long.

They understand no contact means you are not interested in them.

She is very sweet, incredibly nice person, and although I was leaving in 2 weeks, I figured why not.

Important point: her English is not particularly good.I (think) I had read somewhere that the word for "like" and "love" are the same in Japanese, so I assumed it was just a lost in translation moment.


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