Advantages of online dating websites

During a September 2013 online survey it was found that 93 percent of respondents agreed that online dating allowed them to pre-screen their dates.

Personal ads have changed a lot since the “Desperately Seeking Susan” days of trying to find love in the Sunday paper.

But, at the same time, there are many disappointing stories ended with the horrible happenings which have started through online dating.

This statistic presents advantages of online dating according to singles in the United States.

Make sure that you inform your parents where you are going and to whom you will meet when you choose a person through internet.

Just like the two sides of a coin, there are several very wonderful and successful stories of the couple meeting online.


Disadvantages: It is not necessary that the people visiting the dating sites are all interested in online dating.

So, when you are engage in online dating, take care to protect yourself.

Always be careful of who you are choosing and meeting.

Some pretends to be single even though they have children.

They may show wrong age, appearance, status or even gender.

Mobile dating accounts for 26 percent, while classic dating services, such as matchmaking and singles events, seem to have fallen out of favor. Inter Active Corp (IAC), the company that owns, as well as Tindr and Ok Cupid, is the United States market leader, having accounted for 27 percent of the online dating market in 2014.


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