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(If anything, they are surreal.) Most of those calling for the flogging of Mary Bale would, if they saw her in the street, either cross the road to avoid her or, just conceivably, say "Ooh, I saw you on You Tube," and offer her a Mint Imperial.

Thank goodness that most vigilantism exists only in the fevered imaginations of momentarily angry people, and that real-life retribution for public hate figures is rare.

It didn't stop us propelling her adult fiction book Paradise to the top of the book charts, but then again she didn't actually write it.

Jeremy Kyle He's a morning chatshow presenter who positions himself between guests on shows with titles like I Cheated On A DNA Test WIth Another Man's Baby; his strategy is to sympathise and then strike, leading to the programme being described by a Manchester judge as a "human form of bear-baiting".

cole's plummeting in the nation's estimation began with the "betrayal" of his move from Arsenal to Chelsea; complaining about a £55,000 per week pay packet in his autobiography; cheating on his wife, Cheryl (apparently the "nation's sweetheart"), and then daring to be photographed laughing shortly after England's 4-1 World Cup defeat to Germany.


It seems more likely that these particular manifestations of hate, driven by new and old media, are merely about achieving a feeling of superiority, a feeling that we're better than they are.

Sir Fred Goodwin We needed some kind of scapegoat for the banking crisis and subsequent credit crunch, and it came in the form of the chief executive of RBS who presided over its decline, left the taxpayer to pick up the pieces, and began drawing a £700,000-a-year pension at an age when most of us still have a good 15 years of grafting left.


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