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Citizens wishing to address the Council at its regular meetings may do so by giving notice verbally or in writing by providing their name, address and the subject matter to be discussed to the City Clerk before 5 PM the day of the meeting.Citizens can register by calling 610-655-6204 or by entering their information in this form.Those speaking on general matters may speak for up to three minutes after the Council action on the legislative matter is complete.When the City Clerk signals that your time is complete, we ask that you quickly conclude your remarks and be seated.We review the literature on landslide-climate studies, and find a bias in their geographical distribution, with large parts of the world not investigated.We recommend to fill the gap with new studies in Asia, South America, and Africa.We examine advantages and limits of the approaches adopted to evaluate the effects of climate variations on landslides, including prospective modelling and retrospective methods that use landslide and climate records.

The City Clerk acts as the Secretary to the Council, or Secretary to the Board of Directors. The meeting schedule is listed at the bottom of each regular meeting agenda.Simply scroll to the bottom of the home page and click “Live and Archive Meeting Videos”.Where can I find information about the City's Boards, Authorities and Commissions?The Home Rule Charter divides the City into six Council districts with a representative elected from each district. Under the Home Rule Charter, the City of is divided into six districts, with each district electing one Council member.

Council members are elected by voters and serve four year terms. You can also speak with City Council by calling in to the In Your District program, airing at 8 p.m. District-elected Council members are to represent the voice of their constituents and are to act as a body to make decisions in the best interest of the entire City.

We further advocate that uncertainties in the landslide projections must be quantified and communicated to decision makers and the public.


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