Ada accommodating people with drug problems

When someone applies for these programs, they provide medical and personal information that are used to make a determination.

Before 1996, someone could be eligible for Social Security disability benefits if they were an alcoholic, but Congress changed that, and you can’t receive these benefits if alcoholism is the only impairment you have.

There is something paid by the SSA under an official disability which is known as substance addiction disorder.

In addition to Social Security issues, something else important to include in the conversation about whether or not alcoholism and drug addiction are disabilities is the Americans with Disabilities Act or the ADA.Another scenario people often wonder about in the discussion of alcoholism and drug addiction as disabilities is what would happen if they needed to take time off work to attend rehab.If it seems like reasonable accommodations could be made, the employer is required to do that, but if the person asks for three months off, let’s say, this might not be considered reasonable.You can apply to receive disability benefits for health problems in injuries related to your alcoholism, but you have to show that these would apply even if you were to stop drinking, and you really have to prove it.

If Social Security sees it as your alcoholism contributing to your disability, you won’t receive benefits.

That all may have sounded complicated, so let’s sum up. For purposes of Social Security, no, these conditions in and of themselves aren’t considered disabilities, although conditions resulting from addiction may qualify a person for disability payments if they can prove these conditions would exist with or without their substance abuse.


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